Amulet Attributes

Alternate life recall:3, Angel:3, Angelic:3, Astral projection:3, Aura enhancement:3, Bardos:3, Beta Blocker:5, Death:5, Dreaming:5, Dream walking:5, Dreamcatcher:5, Dying:5, Energize:3, Ghost hunting:3, Guide:3, Habits:3, Healer:5, Higher consciousness:3, Higher intelligence:3, Higher power:3, Higher self:3, Illusion:3, Infinite space:3, Inner radiance:3, Lucid dreaming:3, Magic:3, Magical:3, Mana:3, Mediumship:5, Metaphysical:3, Native spirits:5, Parallel universe persona:5, Parallel worlds:5, Paranormal activity:5, Past life recall:3, Psychic self-defense:5, Rejuvenate:3, Relaxation:3, Replenish:3, Rite of Passage:3, Shapeshifting:5, Sleep:5, Soul retrieval:5, Tantric:3, Transformation:3, Voyaging:5, Wellness:3,

Black Tourmaline Protector

Price: $500.00

This amulet affords a connection with paranormal realms and mediumship while at the same time providing qualities of connection with higher intelligence. It has qualities for very strong psychic selfdefense, healers, guides, soul retrieval, good sleep and the protection and grounding of the black tourmaline crystal. This amulet is also used in shapeshifting, transformation, voyaging and wellness.

Black Tourmaline Crystal provides protection and grounding for the soul against negativity, negative entities and energies. It powerfully deflects and shields against unwanted or dark energies, including anger, resentment, jealousy. Psychic investigators and people working in paranormal realms often use this stone for protection against lingering spirits.

It is very grounding, corresponding to the root chakra. Even black magic can be repelled by this stone.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Black Tourmaline Protector CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Calming effect
  • Sense of Protection
  • Betablocking

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"Thank you thank you thank you. I've been uneasy since moving into our new / old brownstone. Now with my Protector Amulet, it's been a solid week of relaxed, steady ease." -- Veronica E., Detroit, MI

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