New Amulets

The Indicator

The Indicator Amulet

The Indicator, so named by E.J. Gold, is an ally in self observation, stopping destructive behaviors and thought patterns not aligned with higher evolution, regulating one’s nervous system, recognizing untrue and limiting beliefs and shifting into a different way of being – one that expresses the deeper, real, authentic you.

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Wholemate Amulet

The Wholemate Amulet from Brane-Power is tuned into the emerging edge of the next level of human evolution. It invokes and activates the wholemate way of being. This level is an already existing vibration in the creation and the amulet has a quantum activating effect on the subtle level of your being to aid in its manifestation into matter.

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Amulet

The Chakra Balancing Amulet facilitates chakra opening/balancing. In order for us to function at our best (physically, emotionally, and mentally) chakras need to be open and balanced so energy can flow freely through our system.

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Embodied Unity Amulet

The Embodied Unity amulet invokes the opening to unity awareness, leading to realizing for yourself the non separateness, the oneness of the Source with all that is manifest, while being uniquely individuated in your current earthly physical form, vibrantly alive with an unshakable connection to your deepest self. Experience exquisite aliveness and a new level of creativity.

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Quantum Power Amulet

Power up your Happiness, your Prosperity, your Love. And, of course, as with all Amulets increase your psychic abilities, and quiet the mental chatter.

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Women's Empowerment Amulet

Maybe you are a woman, or you have a woman in your life, a partner, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother or a friend you want to give a message to. This amulet invokes, facilitates and reminds you of the power to be your true, authentic self, courageous, free, confident, empowered and ready for true partnership and co-creation.

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Gratitude Amulet

We live in truly challenging times. Yet, we are here, and there is literally infinite everything to be grateful for. The Gratitude Amulet is a powerful tool for invoking and reminding us of the glory of Being, the preciousness and mystery of life itself and the amazing opportunities of human incarnation.

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Co-Create Your VERY Own Custom Amulet

Send me 3 to 5 attributes that are important to you and I will create a custom amulet specifically for you.

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