New Amulets

Venus Amulet

Clear and simple - to find a companion to share the life with to include connection, openness, trust and fun, powerful love and passion without the drama. The amulet invokes the changes and circumstances within you and your life for your companion to join.

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Lemuria Amulet

The Lemuria Amulet is a connection device to Lemuria in its original intention and form, a world profoundly connected to divine intention, a world of paradise.

The manifested values include being and living in harmony with the earth and her life forms, which includes not only animals and plants, but also waters and mountains - the entire natural world, just barely manifested into the physical out of the divine vibration.

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Atlantis Amulet

Whether you would like to reconnect with this section of our world's past or one of the actual past YOUs and your skills and knowledge during the long ago times of the Atlantean settlements and later worldwide empire, this Crystal Quantum Radio amulet is specifically made to aid in that re-connection, past life recall and clairvoyance.

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Lucky Amulet

The Lucky Amulet evokes circumstances helping your cause, showing the best path, and the way to success. If you are ready it will help open your eyes to see the opportunities showing up in your life, relaxing you so you are able to move from fear into openness to new possibilities, willingness to go with the flow and say YES to following your intuition.

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Guardian Angel Quantum Amulet

The Guardian Angel Amulet connects you with your guardian angel, or, more correctly, guardian angels, as there is usually more than one guardian angel who has been with you since you were a soul before coming to earth.

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Co-Create Your VERY Own Custom Amulet

Send me 3 to 5 attributes that are important to you and I will create a custom amulet specifically for you.

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