Amulet Attributes

Beta Blocker:1, Creativity:1, Discipline:1, Dreaming:1, Dying:1, Energize:1, Gratitude:1, Habits:1, Happiness:1, Healer:1, Inner peace:1, Inner radiance:1, Inspirational:1, Love:1, Mediumship:1, Metaphysical:1, Native spirits:1, Overcoming shyness:1, Overcoming fear:1, Paranormal activity:1, Presence:1, Pure love:1, Psychic:1, Psychic self-defense:1, Rejuvenate:1, Relaxation:1, Replenish:1, Self-esteem:1, Self-remembering:1, Sleep:1, Theta enhancement:1, Wellness:1,


Price: $125.00

With a well rounded combination of attributes, this is a very strong circuit and chosen to be "the one" amulet to be out there, affordable for anyone who would like to try working with a CQR™ Beta-Blocker amulet on their path.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Classic CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • friendlier with family and friends
  • better sleep
  • feel more lively
  • healthful and energetic

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"received my package today. put the classic amulet on, started to read and within two minutes i was in a very deep sleep, i woke just 20 minutes later feeling great and energized, coincidence?" -- S.S.

"Just got my Classic. I already feel calmer and more peaceful." -- M.M.

"The Classic Amulet blew my socks off - there has been a lot of lucid dreaming and a lot of clarity and freedom. If this is 'only' the classic amulet, it makes me wonder how potent the more expensive ones are." - Gearoid W., UK

My father is wearing the amulet all the time and he was really happy, he knows exactly what is it made from because is an engineering but it doesn't know how it works....ah ah finally something he doesn't know ! so i m very satisfied!!!!!! -- lucia, italy

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"My friend KB highly recommended this. She is a follower of the work and wears one herself. thanks, best," Pat

"The 'Classic' beta blocker amulet that I ordered has changed my dream life completely." -- James B., Santa Cruz, CA

"I had given my brother the Classic Amulet to try and he said that from the moment he put it on everything changed: clarity, deeper meditation, better business -- I noticed a difference in his energy as soon as I saw him." -- Lorraine K., Vancouver

"I haven't been able to rest well during the night, tossing and turning, worrying about stuff. When I got my Beta Blocker Amulet, I wore it to bed and that night, I had the best rest I had had in months AND as to the things I had been worried about, I woke up with solutions to all three of the problems." -- L.M., Nevada City, CA

Good news....slept with the amulet and for the first time in months did not have disturbing dreams. Also no anxiety when I woke up which han't happened forever! -- LC, Grass Valley

i bought five and gave some to my friends - instantly when i put it on i felt more contained and grounded - all the people i gave one was surprised of the effect and two of them upgraded to a stronger amulet. -- Peter, Denmark