Amulet Attributes

Alchemy:3, Astral projection:3, Aura enhancement:1, Awakening:1, Beta Blocker:3, Charisma:1, Communication:1, Compassion:1, Consciousness:1, Creativity:3, Death:1, Discipline:3, Dowsing:3, Dreaming:3, Dream walking:3, Dreamcatcher:3, Dying:3, Empowerment:3, Energetic:2, Energize:2, Enhancement:1, Enlightenment:3, Esoteric:1, Essence:3, God is one:2, Grace of God:1, Gratitude:2, Guardian:3, Guide:3, Habits:3, Healer:3, Higher consciousness:3, Higher intelligence:3, Higher power:3, Higher self:3, Humble:2, Illusion:3, Infinite space:3, Inner radiance:3, Integrity:1, Intention:1, Magic:3, Magical:3, Mana:3, Manifesting:3, Mediumship:3, Metaphysical:3, Native spirits:3, Overcoming fear:3, Parallel universe persona:3, Parallel worlds:3, Paranormal activity:3, Past life recall:3, Patience:3, Peace:3, Perseverance:3, Prayer Absolute:3, Premonition:3, Presence:3, Protection:3, Pure love:3, Psychic:3, Psychic self-defense:3, Real will:3, Real Work:3, Right action:3, Rite of Passage:3, Self-discipline:3, Self-remembering:1, Sensitivity:1, Sentient Beings:1, Shapeshifting:3, Sleep:1, Soul retrieval:3, Spirit:3, Spiritual:3, Spontaneity:3, Strength:1, Tantric:1, The Absolute:1, The Way:3, The Work:3, Theta enhancement:3, Transcend:3, Transformation:3, Truth:3, Tuner:3, UFO:3, Universal:3, Visioning:3, Visualizing:3, Vitality:2, Voyaging:3, Way of service:3, Wellness:3, Will:3, Wisdom:3, Work on self:3,

El Brujo

Price: $175.00

This amulet was designed as a shaman's special, particularly for use in voyaging.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the El Brujo CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Flow of energy
  • Relaxation and ease
  • Healing
  • Betablocking

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

The El Brujo amulet arrived a little while ago and all I can say is....WOW. My head feels like its inside my head...if that makes any sense! :)

And yeah, this amulet is AMAZING. I feel like I'm not even here typing this. Good thing I'm not operating heavy machinery!

I need to get used to feels like there's a triangle over my face, connecting my two eyes to my third eye... its very intense and 'tight' feeling.

My third eye is literally humming and buzzing, that's the only way I can describe it O_O

These are really something else...thank you again, and please tell E.J. he is fantastic for offering these to the world. Hopefully they'll continue to get more popular (I'll do my part! :D) -- Best wishes, Dean

"El Brujo came today. I am wearing it for hour; it is awesome! When I grab him, I sense the energy and relaxing flow through my body. Also tried some Theta-healing with it. Man this really works! Thank you a lot." - T.M., Romania

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