Amulet Attributes

Death:5, Dowsing:5, Dying:5, Ghost hunting:5, Mediumship:5, Metaphysical:3, Native spirits:5, Parallel universe persona:5, Parallel worlds:5, Paranormal activity:5, Past life recall:5, Protection:5, Psychic:5, Psychic self-defense:5, Sensitivity:5, Sentient Beings:5, Spirit:5, Spiritual:5, Tuner:5,

Ghosthunter Pocket

Price: $175.00

Makes you sensitive to and increases paranormal activity. This amulet is focused on paranormal activity, dealing with death, ghosthunting, dowsing, paranormal activities, parallel worlds, past life recall, mediumship, spirits, spirit world, tunes you in to psychic activities - opens you up to those areas (not necessarily for UFO-type contacts), while providing a very strong protection and psychic self-defense.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Ghosthunter Pocket CQR Device, you can expect:

  • Overcoming fear of the unknown
  • Expanding the mind
  • Handling the immaterial world
  • Provides protection

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"I have been sensitive to spirits since I was about 16, but it creeped me out .... I had thought about going to see a shrink to handle my fears .... I came across the Ghost Hunter Ammy and got it. Even though I am not interested in attracting spirits, it is helping me handle their presences. I am not scared anymore ... I am starting to understand that there is much more to this world than the eye can see or the mind can know." -- R.A., New York City

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