Amulet Attributes

Act of kindness:3, All encompassing:1, All one:1, Anger management:1, Compassion:3, Empathy:3, Face of God:3, Faith:3, Forgiveness:2, God is one:2, Grace of God:2, Gratitude:3, Healer:3, Inner beauty:3, Inner peace:1, Inner radiance:3, Inspirational:1, Love:3, Peace:1, Prayer Absolute:1, Pure love:1, Self-esteem:1, Tantric:3, Understanding:1, Way of service:1, Wellness:1,

Love Power

Price: $149.00

Love Power amulet to tap into your capacity for real love. As the name suggests, this amulet is intended to bring love into your life, whether it be generally with all you encounter, in relationships or through tantra, down into your body or in subtle deep feelings. It facilitates heart opening and all that that entails. Increases love, compassion, empathy, connection to the divine love, radiant inner beauty.

It is also very good for healers. It has been described as subtle, strong and supportive.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Love Power CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • compatability,
  • higher communication,
  • enhanced harmony

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"I feel that the Love Amulet has actually opened my heart." - C.G., Montreal

We asked Lorraine, one of our distributors in Vancouver, Canada, how it is that she sells so many Love Power Amulets. Her response was, "People want more love in their life...the customer said that she felt that she was back in her heart centre and feeling like her true self, felt as though she had an energy around her that blocked out the other stuff." - Lorraine, Vancouver, BC

"Believe it or not, the day after I got my Love Amulet, I met my soulmate." - J.J., Woodstock, NY

The SuperBeacon™ operates on a quantum level interacting with your human biological machine at its deepest levels.

Combine Your Amulet with the SuperBeacon™

I used the artifacts that I had received from the School Lineage workshop and from several other small ancient coin artifacts. I placed them one at a time on the Beacon. My 'intent' was to link up with my other parallel selves who might be at that work station. I had a very strong connection (almost full-body - like looking out of someone else's eyes) with the coin from the time of the Maccabees. What was interesting is that there was a link between us, but the emotional configuration was very, very different. I have also placed the artifact on the beacon and left it by my bedside to see if a type of 'dream archeology' of that location & time period would occur. What happened is that I went to a beautiful underground museum and viewed many artifacts. I guess I should have been specific. I have asked if a full set of the school lineage artifacts could be developed. I would love to work more with this aspect of the Beacon.

Yes, you can use CQR Amulets in Combination with The SuperBeacon™

Many people report amazing results when they combine their SuperBeacon™ with different amulets. You can mix and match -- wearing a$

When you do, please report in, we definitely want to hear of any new combination forumlas you come up with.

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