Amulet Attributes

Act of kindness:2, All encompassing:1, All one:1, Anger management:3, Aura enhancement:1, Awakening:1, Bardos:1, Being:1, Beingness:1, Beta Blocker:1, Communication:1, Compassion:3, Confidence:1, Consciousness:1, Empathy:3, Energetic:1, Energize:1, Enlightenment:1, Face of God:1, Faith:1, Forgiveness:3, Freedom:1, God is one:1, Grace of God:1, Gratitude:1, Guardian:1, Happiness:1, Hope:1, Humble:1, Inner radiance:1, Love:1, Optimism:1, Overcoming fear:1, Peace:3, Positive:1, Presence:1, Protection:3, Right action:1, Secure:1, Understanding:1, Universal:1, Wisdom:1

Circle of Peace

Price: $125.00

Small and powerful, it especially aids in the creation of an all-around loving, compassionate, peaceful state. One of the few amulets which combines happiness and optimism as well as gratitude. Wear it and create the vibration of peace within you and all around you.

If radiating those qualities is something you are working with, this is a good choice.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Circle of Peace Amulet, you can expect:

  • Harmonizing effect on surroundings
  • Feeling peacefull
  • Better relations
  • Betablocking

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See what others have to say:

"By the way, these peace amulets are amazing - I felt almost like I had a soul retrieval when I put it on. Since I got the circle of peace amulet a week ago, I have been at lot more at ease and positive - I really recommend this amulet. Also, to those who use the stronger and more transformative amulets, like the quantum witch and the quantum spider, the peace amulet gives just that orientation that makes it all more enjoyable."


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