Amulet Attributes

Astral projection:3, Attention:3, Aura enhancement:3, Awakening:3, Bardos:3, Beta Blocker:3, Chakras:1, Charisma:1, Communication:1, Compassion:3, Death:3, Dreaming:3, Dream walking:3, Dying:3, Guardian:2, Guide:3, Habits:3, Higher consciousness:3, Higher intelligence:3, Higher power:3, Higher self:3, Illusion:3, Infinite space:3, Lucid dreaming:3, Magical:3, Manifesting:1, Mediumship:2, Metaphysical:2, Native spirits:2, Overcoming fear:3, Parallel universe persona:3, Parallel worlds:3, Paranormal activity:3, Past life recall:3, Presence:3, Protection:3, Psychic self-defense:2, Real will:3, Reality:3, Relaxation:1, Replenish:1, Right action:3, Rite of Passage:3, Shapeshifting:1, Sleep:2, Soul retrieval:3, Theta enhancement:3, Transcend:3, Transformation:3, UFO:3, Visioning:3, Voyaging:3,


Price: $275.00

This amulet is very useful in shamanic voyaging. As the name indicates, it opens portals, especially into bardo-spaces, parallel worlds, paranormal activities, facilitates astral projection, voyaging, UFO contact and soul retrieval. As verified by an experienced shaman, the doors that open are indeed portals into other world realities.

The amulet provides protection and psychic self-defense. It facilitates connection with higher intelligence, higher beings as well as guides, guardians and good habits.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Portal CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Opens portals to other dimensions
  • Useful for Shamanic Voyaging
  • Finding alternate routes in life
  • Avoiding obstacles

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"I've been a satisfied customer of your portal amulet for some time. found you on YouTube. thank you for your brilliance."

"This is an incredible creation . . . I felt it right away. The Portal Amulet easily opens portals to other dimensions. It is especially useful for Shamanic Voyaging." - Koyote, Riverside, CA

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