Amulet Attributes

Anger management:5, Astral projection:5, Beta Blocker:5, Charisma:5, Communication:5, Compassion:5, Compassionate:5, Confidence:5, Creativity:5, Dowsing:5, Dreaming:5, Dream walking:5, Dreamcatcher:5, Empowerment:5, Energetic:5, Energize:5, Esoteric:5, Essence:5, Guide:5, Habits:5, Happiness:5, Healer:5, Higher consciousness:5, Higher intelligence:5, Higher power:5, Higher self:5, Humble:5, Inner peace:5, Inner radiance:5, Integrity:5, Light of life:5, Love:5, Luck:5, Magic:5, Magical:5, Mana:5, Manifesting:5, Mediumship:5, Metaphysical:5, Native spirits:5, Natural:5, Overcoming shyness:5, Overcoming fear:5, Parallel universe persona:5, Parallel worlds:5, Paranormal activity:5, Past life recall:5, Personal enhancement:5, Personal power:5, Positive:5, Premonition:5, Presence:5, Prosperity:5, Protection:5, Pure love:5, Psychic:5, Psychic self-defense:5, Real will:5, Rejuvenate:5, Relaxation:3, Replenish:5, Right action:5, Rite of Passage:5, Secure:5, Self-discipline:5, Self-esteem:5, Self-help:5, Sensitivity:5, Sentient Beings:3, Shapeshifting:5, Sleep:3, Spirit:3, Spontaneity:5, Strength:3, Success:5, The Absolute:5, The Way:3, The Work:5, Theta enhancement:3, Transcend:3, Transformation:5, Truth:3, Tuner:3, Understanding:5, Universal:5, Visioning:5, Visualizing:5, Vitality:5, Voyaging:5, Way of service:5, Wellness:5, Will:5, Wisdom:5, Work on self:5,

Quantum Witch

Price: $375.00

This is a remarkable amulet. E.J. Gold says about this amulet, "It keeps you on the path." The Quantum Witch is one of the most powerful amulets to date. It connects with higher and the highest power and energies, and at the same time facilitates manifesting your highest self and being "on purpose" in your life. It also is a great facilitator of such qualities as compassion, creativity, communication, higher love, self-discipline, anger management, and self-help. It is one of the few amulets with happiness as an attribute. This amulet is about manifesting your true being-purpose and keeps you on the path.

It is a great choice for busking and hospice work. We also recommend it for anyone working with higher level Beacon Training.

When E.J Gold talks about his course on Magic as a Way of Service, he says, "Along with the entertainment and Sense of Wonder values, you have the opportunity to expose your audience to the incredible effects of beta-blockers, just by wearing them. I prefer the Quantum Witch for this purpose, because it has the greatest 'reach', about 16 meters, and has the most powerful environmental 'circle of peace' effect.".

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Quantum Witch CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • more happiness,
  • access your inner gentleness,
  • inner work is easier and more fluid,
  • life path

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"The Witch is a Divine Companion! She can be dialed like a phone and the conversations will bestow illumination and love!" -- K.F.

"Thank you thank you thank you. I've been uneasy since moving into our new / old brownstone. Now with my Protector Amulet, it's been a solid week of relaxed, steady ease." -- Veronica E., Detroit, MI

I have now weared The Quantum Witch for two and both days has been filled with abundance of happiness and energy. It is amazing to feel the feeling of clarity and strong intuition coming through this amulet. Thank you E.J for let me part of creativity -- Michael, Denmark

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See what others have to say:

Most of the time I wear my Quantum Witch out and carry my other 9 amulets in my bag. Some days I wear an array, ususally, the Double Black Diode, Quantum Witch and Quantum Wizzard. I wear my Level 12 ammy on the inside under whatever top I have on. -- Beta Blocked Love, Yanesh

"Yesterday, I gave my mother the amulet and put it on her. She looked at it and I told her the story of when it had arrived and how it might help her to accept the circumstances she finds herself in. She was so happy and said 'Oh, another amulet!'. She loves her amulets, despite the fact that she does not understand how or why they work. She just feels that they help her. Thank you so much for this work with the CQR's. I am very grateful for this help and guidance. I forgot to include that what my Mother said when I told her the story of the amulet and what it was suggested for (resolution) she happily said, "I need that!". -- Susan

My new brane-powered bling thing hangs on hemp cord getting teslafied, y'all. ---A.S.

"I have now weared The Quantum Witch for two and both days has been filled with abundance of happiness and energy. It is amazing to feel the feeling of clarity and strong intuition coming through this amulet. Thank you E.J for let me part of creativity" -- Michael - Denmark

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