Amulet Attributes

Alchemy:5, Astral projection:5, Attention:5, Aura enhancement:5, Awakening:5, Beta Blocker:5, Chakras:5, Charisma:5, Communication:5, Compassion:5, Compassionate:5, Confidence:5, Consciousness:5, Courage:5, Creative:3, Creativity:3, Discipline:5, Dowsing:5, Energetic:5, Enlightenment:5, Esoteric:5, Freedom:5, Ghost hunting:5, Guardian:5, Guide:5, Habits:5, Healer:5, Higher consciousness:5, Higher intelligence:5, Higher power:5, Higher self:5, Humble:5, Illusion:5, Infinite space:5, Inner peace:5, Inner radiance:5, Inspirational:5, Integrity:5, Intention:5, Love:5, Luck:5, Magic:5, Magical:5, Mana:5, Manifesting:5, Mediumship:5, Metaphysical:5, Native spirits:3, Natural:3, Optimism:3, Overcoming shyness:3, Overcoming fear:5, Parallel universe persona:5, Parallel worlds:5, Paranormal activity:5, Past life recall:5, Patience:5, Perseverance:5, Premonition:5, Presence:5, Prosperity:5, Protection:5, Pure love:5, Psychic:5, Psychic self-defense:5, Real will:5, Rejuvenate:5, Right action:5, Secure:5, Self-discipline:5, Self-esteem:5, Self-remembering:5, Shapeshifting:5, Soul retrieval:5, Spirit:5, Spiritual:5, Spontaneity:5, Strength:5, Success:5, Tantric:5, The Absolute:5, The Way:5, The Work:5, Theta enhancement:5, Transcend:5, Transformation:5, Truth:3, Tuner:3, UFO:5, Understanding:3, Universal:5, Visioning:5, Visualizing:5, Vitality:5, Voyaging:5, Way of service:5, Wellness:3, Will:5, Wisdom:3, Work on self:3,

Quantum Wizard

Price: $375.00

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The Quantum Wizard is a very powerful amulet. It is a strong clarifier of intention and the strongest amulet for perseverance, patience and optimism. It has a wonderful balance of connecting with higher realms, energies and perceptions, and manifesting your higher self and intentions in this world. It connects you with infinite space, enlightenment, freedom and helps one to see through maya - the illusion. This quantum amulet may also make you open to UFO activities.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Quantum Wizard CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Helps with focus and attention
  • Promotes clear communication
  • Keeps you on the path
  • Helps resolve life challenges

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"Thank you. These quantum amulets are awesome." -- Meredith M., Harrisburg, PA

"The quantum wizard amulet is astonishing -- I can't believe it. Such definite effects. My first impression was "this seems rather like being in the Clear Light orb". Later I noticed myself repeatedly coming across positive possibilities with situations that had previously seemed hopeless to some extent. I'm pleased I followed my hunch in selecting this amulet." -- Andrew

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