Amulet Attributes

Attention:1, Communication:1, Confidence:2, Creativity:1, Higher intelligence:1, Inner peace:1, Personal power:1, Premonition:1, Self-remembering:1, Success:1, Visualizing:3,

Smart Pill

Price: $149

Tap into your higher intelligence with this very focused amulet. As a Beta-Blocker, The Smart Pill Amulet releases the grip of tense beta thinking to allow natural relaxation and clarity to prevail. Per E.J. Gold, it works by connecting up the dots in your parallel universe matrix, giving you access to a whole bigger you.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for your email response last week and it was a pleasure talking to you as well. I've received the Smart Pill amulet yesterday and was very happy. It's so beautiful and I'll have to say I'm very impressed with it.I wore it last night to sleep and was quit surprising when I woke up I remembered my dreams, usually I forget lol...but this was an amazing experience. I hope to experience a little bit more and hopefully it will continue to help me and change alot of things in my life.


"I sent my buddy K. your way. I've been here in paradise for 3 weeks now. It's very nice. We got the house we wanted and the resort is full of customers. After a while You have to stop thinking it's a coincidence that everything goes your way and start believing in the power of the amulet and your mind. Im a believer. My Smart Pill is amazing. ( 3 weeks after getting it i finally found a way out of working a job that i wasnt happy with and moving back to thailand where i have always wanted to live. I am going to be living on Phuket island as a resort OWNER!! i found an awesome deal on a small resort that is already running and successful. I have been able to sell my house here in the US in 2 days, as well as our 3 cars. Everything just works out and goes smoothly now. best 99 dollars ever. I even tried it on blackjack. i put it out with the chips and won a thousand dollars in 30 minutes. right now im just waiting for March 12th to fly to Thailand! ill keep you posted.)"

"R. the hairdresser in the Super Store Salon in Charlottetown bought both Smart Pill and Slipstream She loves them; Wont take them off; Having amazing dreams; All new experience for her; She is changing careers; Studying to be a nurse.

She got 90% in one of her tests and 98% in another -- s.d."

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