Amulet Attributes

Beta Blocker:1, Chakras:3, Charisma:3, Communication:3, Compassion:3, Compassionate:3, Discipline:3, Energize:3, Enhancement:3, Eternal moment:3, Eternity:3, Face of God:3, God is one:3, Infinite space:3, Inner beauty:3, Inspirational:3, Love:5, Magic:3, Magical:3, Mana:3, Metaphysical:3, Personal power:3, Pure love:3, Psychic self-defense:3, Rejuvenate:3, Relaxation:3, Replenish:3, Self-remembering:3, Sensitivity:3, Sentient Beings:3, Shapeshifting:3, Spiritual:3, Tantric:5, Understanding:3, Vitality:3, Wellness:3, Work on self:3,

Tantric Star

Price: $175.00

This amulet is also available as the Tantric Patch to be worn on a headband while working with a partner.

Here is an excerpt from the instructions on how to work with the Tantric Star: "Each partner may wear the Tantric Star on a headband around the cranium, aligning the Tantric Star to the 6th Chakra at the spot on the forehead between the eyes in the so-called "Third Eye" position. The Chakras do all the work, as suggested by the patterns and rhythms of the twin-tuned static within the Beta-Blocker worn on the head. Simply relax and let the induction help you harness the powerful energies and guide you through the Cosmic Consciousness Experience called the Waking State . . . .

"Have a Tantric Star Date with your favorite boyfriend or girlfriend and experience the thrill of many lifetimes!"

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Tantric Star CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Love & Magic
  • Infinite space
  • Chakras, Sensitivity

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

The Tantric Star opened up my third eye and gave me a bigger capacity to see and hear and I could feel my attention was sharpened. -- Michael, Denmark

"We are having so much fun working with our new Beta Blocker Tantric Box that you guys put out. The connection is so amazing. My energy level is way up, my interactions with others seem to be more fun. I just feel so much more open and free." -- Betheny R., Fort Wayne, IN

The SuperBeacon™ operates on a quantum level interacting with your human biological machine at its deepest levels.

Tantric Star in combination with the SuperBeacon™

"I have specifically used the beacon with the tantric star amulet fore meditation - i placed the amulet on the third eye and meditated one hour a day fore a month - the combination is really amazing - it feels like very deep karmic structures are melting away i still use this combination of beacon and amulet fore 5-10 minutes a day. -- P.K."

Yes, you can use CQR Amulets in Combination with The SuperBeacon™

Many people report amazing results when they combine their SuperBeacon™ with different amulets. You can mix and match -- wearing a combination.

When you do, please report in, we definitely want to hear of any new combination forumlas you come up with.

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