Amulet Attributes

Addiction:1, Alchemy:1, Anger management:1, Awakening:1, Beta Blocker:2, Chakras:1, Charisma:1, Compassion:1, Dexterity:1, Discipline:1, Dowsing:1, Dreaming:1, Dream walking:1, Dreamcatcher:1, Energize:1, Higher consciousness:1, Inner radiance:1, Inspirational:1, Lucid dreaming:1, Mana:1, Manifesting:1, Overcoming shyness:1, Overcoming fear:1, Perseverance:1, Personal enhancement:1, Personal power:2, Positive:1, Presence:1, Protection:1, Psychic:1, Psychic self-defense:1, Rejuvenate:1, Relaxation:1, Replenish:1, Self-help:1, Sensitivity:1, Sleep:1, Spirit:1, Success:1, Tantric:1, Theta enhancement:1, Vitality:1, Will:1,

Twin Turbo

This amulet is currently not available. If you would like to be notified when it becomes available let us know through our contact page.

One of the original Black Diode Amulets. Almost as strong as the Black Diode and a good choice for Beacon Work.

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

"Not knowing what to do about the intense arm pain I was experiencing I turned to Parallel Worlds Explored opening it randomly to a page that said, 'Give the Twin Turbo to your friends and family and experience the joy of Instantaneous Inner Peace and Harmony.' I immediately called Rick, got a Twin Turbo and have not felt the pain since ... strange but true!" - S. M, Sooke, BC

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