Amulet Attributes

protection, telepathy, coincidence, past life memory, creativity

The Wormhole Amulet

Price: $700

E.J. Gold says it's the "The Ass Kicker" -- a wild and whacky amulet, your mule.

This amulet facilitates travel into other spaces and dimensions -- sometimes quite suddenly -- which is why the SuperBeacon Training will come in handy. The amulet comes with 3 in-built crystals to aid with protection, clarity, intention and maintaining your balance. The rope bezel provides a great induction ring. The Wormhole Amulet works best in conjunction with Brane-Power's SuperBeacon Training and Astral Travel Training -- or other similar trainings. However it can be used alone and with other amulets.

Some of the attributes of this amulet include:

  • ESP
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • All-encompassing
  • All One Astral Projection
  • Death
  • Shapeshifting
  • Voyaging
  • Courage
  • Inner Radiance
  • Grounding

Subjective effect of the Wormhole amulet (with grateful privilege to energize it nightly with Super beacon): Powerful optimization of energetic configuration with the multiverse.

"The wormhole amulet is really bizarre. It seems to have a strong and somewhat unpredictable influence. At times the effect is incredibly grounding, and at other times it seems to open me up and dramatically increase sensitivities. The wormhole amulet has really helped me to understand the importance and application of the Superbeacon training. I held the amulet close to a friend's face so that she could see it more clearly, and she yelled 'Oh my god, I can feel that! Those things really work??'"

Oh YES, I love your Wormhole too, very much!!! Overnight I charge it on SuperBeacon, then after I get up I take it in the left hand and speak three times: "I thank you for your help!" -- M.V

One thing I know for sure is since I have been wearing the Wormhole, I am not myself, which is good because it makes it easier to observe myself, which is one thing I am interested in doing. It is a whole body sensation. I watch. It was very uncomfortable at first but now I really enjoy it.

I noticed right away a heightened level of ESP-leaning toward telepathy...time will tell.

And dreams like I have never had before...although, I wonder if I should be calling those trips dreams. Feels so real. A friends tells me that I am contacting a parallel world...and it could be. I feel that I have just touched the tip of what this amulet can help me accomplish.

I have quite a few amulets and this one is definitely of the next generation up from my others. I wear them all together. They are a bit of an investment but what better to invest in? Brane-Power technology has been amazing for me. Thank you so much. -- G.A.