Bardo Bands

Price: $39.95

These snap bracelets are FUN and powerful and great to wear for ceremony or just around town. They wrap themselves on the wrist and are easily plugged into a laptop or desktop for use of the included material.You can carry around elements of The Teaching -- also called "The Dharma" -- as a protective object of personal adornment. Contained within each bracelet are many powerful software, quantum magic, effects.

Every ORB has built-in magical relics, most of which you would never be able to obtain on your own. Included are million-dollar thangkas and rare photos of Tibetan friends, plus many fabulous temples and shrines, and there are even some ORBS that allow you to get into direct personal contact with a number of celebrity gods and goddesses.

BARDO BANDS contain the entire readable American Book of the Dead BOOk by E.J. Gold plus the Labyrinth Readers Society ORB with daily instructions and commentary read by the author, the 49 DAYS ORB, a journey of clarity through the Halls of the Dead and the CLEAR LIGHT ORB continuous text readings of the Clear Light.

The FOUR LINES QUATRAIN is printed in golden letters on the outside,

All Phenomena is Illusion
Neither Attracted nor Repelled
Not Making Any Sudden Moves
My Habits will Carry Me Through

The Official Candle Light Sigil of IDHHB and the online address are clearly marked on the band.