Your Pet Will Love You For This

The Pet Particle

Single Unit
Price: $39.95

The charm holds inside a fully functional higher space containing built-in magical relics. Inside is an enormous quantum level, all contained in a tiny bundle of pure emitted energy, activated by the radio waves emanating from the heart, which is itself a low-energy radio-wave transmitter, tempered by the radio-waves coming directly to Earth from the Big Bang and Stage 3 Stars.

The finer vibrations in the Pet Particle provide a sense of well-being and showers and nourishes your pet with your purified, directed and concentrated love. Connecting with those higher vibrations can foster calmness, dispel fears and lead your pet to a better quality of life.

When a pet is ill and there is little one can do in the organic world, it's good to know that it's possible to connect on another level which encompasses the organic but does not share the same limitations. Healing can occur on these levels, and spiritual healing can and often manifest in this world.

The Pet Set

One for Yourself, One for Your Pet

The Pet Set
Price: $69.95

Do you have a Dog or Cat?

Your pet can wear a MATCHING Godd. Particle from our PET SET . you get one for yourself, and one for your pet, and both of them contain not only the Godd. Particle Layout but also .Heal My Pet., an incredible virtual environment to help keep pets happy and healthy through spiritual healing technology.

The Particles come with a SPLIT RING so you can hang it from a neck chain or cord, and for your pet, you can hang it as a COLLAR TAG . there.s a ring for it already on the collar, just flip it on, it.s easy, and it STAYS on there!

Why would you want to wear a MATCHING SET of PET and MASTER GoDD. Particles?

Because you LOVE your pet and your pet loves you! The GoDD. Particles keep you in 100% SOLID TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION.

You will be amazed how it FEELS to wear one! And imagine how happy your telepathically connected PET will be to have you always by its side!

How does it work?

Telepathy happens when two or more minds are linked in harmonious frequency, matching frequency or vibration.

This quantum effect is called RESONANCE, and it works like two tuning forks . ring one, hold it close to the other, and the second tuning fork, if it is the same frequency, will begin to vibrate in sympathy.

Sympathy, feeling someone else.s pain, sorrow or suffering, is partly telepathic, partly emotional, partly .contact-high. technology.

Empathy is when you feel the emotions of another.

Telepathy, Sympathy, Empathy and a few other CONTACT EFFECTS occur while wearing the MATCHING SETS of PENDANT and COLLAR TAG and, yes, you can have more than one tag working at a time . if you have a couple hundred cats, and they.ll tolerate a fancy sparkling diamond-studded collar, you can place a GP COLLAR TAG on each and every single one of them!

What People Are Saying


I just had a feeling they'd be good so I ordered the 5-pk, to share with others...

But I had no idea how good....I'm keeping 2 .

Upon opening and placing them in our space we had immediate, IMMEDIATE

energy shift in Annie's vibrational field! WOW! My scaredy cat was calm, relaxed

and wanted to hang out...a very noticeable change.

Interesting how noticeable the effect is on your Spirit Buddy!??Thankyou EJ & Team??"??-- Denise

Good morning,

We wanted to let you know that the Pet Particle has been really great. Mya has calmed down significantly. She had been having trouble with the energies since we moved to Vermont, in particular, this house.

Thank you.


"I didn't think me and my fish could be any closer but now they even follow me where ever I go in the room and get as close to me as possible when I leave. They swim right up to the corner of the tank." G.P., US