The Beginning Story

In 1900 through 1922, which was the rise of the crystal radio technology. There was no knowledge of, nor any thought of biofeedback, and the word .meditation. didn't even exist in the American dictionary, in the Ameircan language. By the time the 1960s rolled around, I was a pioneer with Dr. Hershel Toomin and Dr. John Lilly in the field of biofeedback and I helped to develop a number of the biofeedback devices that are in use today.

By the 1990s through 2009, suddenly we're talking about parallel universes as if you're not going to get put away for talking about them. It's the first time that people have been able to talk about parallel universes without getting incarcerated or getting prefrontal lobotomatized for having mentioned it.

Michio Kaku is doing a great job of popularizing the idea. In Switzerland there's a very big, a very important experiment which is occurring this summer to determine if they can find a particular kind of particle, which would demonstrate the existence of alternate universes and of more dimensions than just the 3 or 4 that are known.

The Super Beacon (pictured above) was one of the first super hot products to emerge from EJ's CQR research. Use with Beacontm Inductions to facilitate and chart your progress in connecting with your parallel world identities, experiences, lifetimes and to enhance your lucid dreaming and other out of body voyages.

There are television shows like Sliders, and Stargate and so forth. So it would have been unthinkable and impossible and unrealistic to bring up any of these ideas until it became a lttle more popular, till Oprah started talking about it basically.

Now, I happen to have gone back to crystal technology because I wanted to show what crystal radio was like. So I went into crystal technology. My friend Lance is one of the directors at NASA, and he and I are into crystal radio technology. So he sent me the parts for crystal radio that he had there, and he had a number of different schematics; I used one of his schematics and then I modified it slightly, and then I modified it a little more, then a little more, and pretty soon I downright hacked a crystal radio. And by this time I had what I realized was that that was a Beta-Blocker, which is a biofeedback device.

Now, as I said, during the time of biofeedback devices, crystal technology was long gone; now it's completely gone. There isn't anything left in crystal technology except what Lance and his friends and I are keeping alive, which is very, very little left. So you can barely get the parts for these things actually.

I have noticed a number of effects, and as I did I started to experiment. For fun, I put these things out there and people started lining up, so I started putting out more and then somebody said, .Can we buy them?. And then somebody else said, .Could you make one that's wearable?. Then somebody else said, .Could you make one that fits into a cell phone case?. And somebody else said, .Could you make one for my meditation center?.

Well, by now, it's only been about a month, and during the month's time, I would say that somewhere between 300 and 400 of these things that have gone out to various people, the reports coming back are so astonishing, I can't stop. So I keep going and I keep looking and I keep experimenting and I keep looking for things . . . how far can we push them? How powerful can we get them, and what do they do, and so forth? Of course, in terms of why they work, I don't have a clue. I'm a physicist who can't answer that question because every year the answer will change. The more we find out, the more the answer will morph.

So I don't know why these things work as well as they do. I've no idea what goes on with them. All I can tell you is that hundreds of people have used them, and the hundreds of people who've used them have raved about these things. So I'm going to keep going.

So that's why I opened the Brane-Power Center in town as a model center. And I'm giving people permission . I don't think I need to . but I'm giving people permission to open their own centers in their own home towns and just do the same thing. So that's what I'm doing.