Uses for CQR Beta-Blocker Devices

Folks have been calling and emailing and writing in asking how the Beta-Blocker can actually be used, by which I take them to mean, how can one employ it, deploy it and thoroughly exploit its benefits . . .

This is a good question, and one which I will answer at great length during Workshops . however, a short response is, I think, in order . . . .

I mentioned in several previous commentaries that I could see this being used in several locations:

  1. Body Work studios, such as Shiatsu or Rolfing centers
  2. Seance Parlors
  3. Tarot Reading Kiosks or areas
  4. ABD reading spaces
  5. Artists' Studios
  6. Recording Studios (does not interfere with recording equipment)
  7. Design Studios
  8. Work Cubicles
  9. High-Stress environments
  10. Children's Rooms

Along with all those ideas came a phone call today from an art dealer. I suggested using the Beta-Blocker in the Closing Room (Viewing Room is what he called it, but we all know it's a closing room where you finalize the sale).