The First Amulet

Several folks asked during last weekend's workshop if I could possibly come up with a miniature wearable Beta-Blocker. After four days of research on coil windings, capacitor and resistor values and other such sundry, I did in fact manage to make one, about dollar-size, that fits well into a sterling, gold-filled or 14k solid gold locket.

Then this morning, I came across a great site that has a radio coil calculator, and with its help, developed a 7mm airform coil that gave me the values I needed to end up with a waveform with an RF Resonance Factor of exactly 7.8 Hz. at the Schumann Resonance of High Theta, precisely where I wanted to land.

The germanium diode just barely fits in the watch-crystals, and I had to switch from acrylic crystals to hand ground and polished mineral glass watch-crystals to get the signal out in a decent micro-henry (uh) range, but it did eventually work the way I.d hoped it would.

I have allowed my demo of the apparatus to be made into a video for YouTube, and will demonstrate it live at our new Brane-Power center in Grass Valley, CA.

I think you'll like this item; it's not just a great piece of work tool, it really looks totally cool as a piece of jewelry, and attracts a lot of attention.