Slipstream Theory

The transmission of soundwaves through water is profoundly affected by the liquid medium, as opposed to air medium. Space does not transmit soundwaves . although radio, x-ray, cosmic ray and lightwaves can travel through a vacuum . as well as many seen and unseen, known and unknown to present-day science waves can do.

The human brain thinks, reasons, rationalizes and compares in the associative range, between 14-30 CPS, or Cycles Per Second.

During sleep, the brain reduces its frequency down to about 4 CPS in the low Delta Region, the Realm of the Undifferentiated Universal Consciousness, within which the Ego is totally temporarily annihilated, then in sleep, it typically scales back up into the Alpha Range at about 8-13 CPS, the Dreaming Realm.

At the optimum operating range of 4-7 CPS it enters into the Intuitive or Telepathic-Psychic Range, within which mediums, psychics, remote viewers and telepaths typically can function with a low sense of Ego and a high sense of Cosmic Awareness.

During the 1960s I operated as a Remote Viewer, both as a civilian and in the military. From 1972 until 1977 I assisted my friends, doctors John C. Lilly and Hershel Toomim, at their request, in demonstrating the generation of the Theta State at volitionary will in lab tests during the development of early Biofeedback devices.

In the development of my Spirit XTAL Radio, I happened to stumble upon a phenomenon; I noticed that, when the crystal radio was tuned in a specific pattern of nulling using a combination of special quartz and black tourmaline array antenna loads, Bucher QRM rejector, Morgan Coil Antenna Tuner and Dunwoody Detector along with a unique high-impedance audio reproducer, the Theta Effect was generated without effort on my part to suppress Beta and Alpha; the field-effect of the system did all the work, obviating the necessity for a self-induced Theta State.

My assumption at this time is that somehow the field effect of the crystal radio array along with the crystal antenna load must have set up a harmonic field that caused the water in the braincases within the field to resonate at about 7 CPS, the high Theta Range, thus reproducing the Theta Psychic Effect and breaking down to some degree the .Branes. between Parallel Worlds.